If you work intensely every day, you’ll find that the work doesn’t follow you home. Not only are you deliberately stopping yourself from working after-hours, but your mind will actually allow you to stop working after-hours.
Maybe we’d get some of the Keurig fans to use our methods if we weren’t so pretentious, wasteful, expensive, and inaccessible ourselves.
TDD is designed to make us think about our code before writing it, using automated tests as a vehicle
Focusing on the symmetry between a good test name and the code under tests is a subtle design technique. It is definitely not the only design influence that our tests can have on our code, but it can be an important one. So, next time you are flying through your tdd cycle, take a moment to make sure that you are actually testing what you say you are testing.
Most hard problems in software development are communication problems, and this is no exception. You should explain how the walking skeleton will reduce unexpected delays at the end of the project.
I knew I had to leave Sporting Goods Inc. when I realized I was turning into the sort-of overeager employee who is way too emotionally invested in a crappy menial job that does its best to devalue him.
The FCC’s stunning lack of presence and leadership during these watershed moments in communications history is an extraordinary failure for an agency that is officially tasked with protecting the consumer interest.
you can’t depend on the market to do anything when the market doesn’t exist.
You don’t do things “on the internet,” you just do things. The network is interwoven into every moment of our lives, and we should treat it that way.
Internet access isn’t a luxury or a choice if you live and participate in the modern economy, it’s a requirement.
In a perfect storm of corporate greed and broken government, the internet has gone from vibrant center of the new economy to burgeoning tool of economic control.
The half-life of obligation is short; the half-life of guilt is long. Promises never saved one of my side projects, but they clogged many nights and weekends with the gunk of regret.
Code quality still matters a lot. But when pondering how you could improve your coding even further, you should consider aiming for better commit messages. You should request this not just from yourself, but from your entire team and all the contributors. The story of a software matters as much as its latest checkout.
Big wage gaps among people who work together (assuming similar experience levels, qualifications, and skills) don’t necessarily mean that the highest-paid person is the best one; instead, a gap might mean that he has simply appropriated more of the value created by the whole group.
As well as interleaving getting things done with learning things, I think the quality of education you get this way is better than what you would otherwise get because it contains practical experience. You don’t just learn how things work, you learn how to work with them, and you learn a lot of concrete details that might have been missing from the high level description of them.